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In WC3 TFT when you're doing ladder, you can view a lot of statistics online, e.g:

I've been trying to find the similar information for SC2 but the most I can see is a basic match history and the # of wins, am I missing something? It would be nice to view a detailed statistical information about your profile.


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SC2 Ranks has a match history, and can also show win percentage by map, but I believe they skim off the Battle.Net API, so it won't be any more than Blizzard provides in the first place.

If you want more information about your own matches, SC2 Gears can look through all your past replays and give you much more information. What it can do is too extensive to list here, check out their features page.

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Just found SC2 gears, it is rather good :) – Inzanik Jun 22 '11 at 22:03

Check out sc2drill


You can filter by matchup/type and team size too.

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