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I just completed the quest in Glitterdelve Mine quests and simultaneously got two trophies, but they seem to mean the exact thing:

Long Live the Queen - You broke the siege at Glitterdelve and saved Queen Roslyn.

Royalist Ally - You have shown unwavering support to the Crown.

It seems odd to have two trophies for the same thing. Are there differences?

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Long Live the Queen is unmissable and is awarded for completing the quest, but Royalist Ally is awarded for choosing the correct dialogue options when completing it:

Choose dialogue options favorable to the Crown, and when asked, tell the Queen you'll try to spare Jeyne's life.

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well it seems that achievements where broken before some patch. That don't know if you are in this case, but we May have to do it again. – M'vy Jun 23 '11 at 22:45

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