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So I stopped playing TF2 for a while and would like to start up again. I played a little bit and it doesn't seem as fun without the achievements. How can I reset these?

Ive tried reset statistics but it did not reset achievements.

P.S. I'm on a Mac.

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I don't believe there's a completely legit way to do this.


If you're willing to risk a VAC ban (however unlikely it may be), look at the Steam Achievement Manager. Sketchy-looking site, people use the tool to cheat, use at your own risk, etc. etc. etc. Here are some old Steam forums of people talking about SAM, as well as a previous StackExchange post on the topic. It's against the rules, it's a moral grey area, but for your described purposes, I personally don't see an issue with it.

Otherwise, create a new Steam account, spend $5 on something so you can download all the free games, and start fresh

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Hey I like this program, but I'm on a Mac (sadly). Is there anything hing a ke this for Mac ? – Minebomber Jan 14 at 15:17
Not to my knowledge, but if you have access to a friend's PC or an open library/school computer, you could sign into your Steam account there, download TF2 and SAM, and reset it that way – Shek Jan 14 at 15:20
Supposedly, you won't get VAC-banned if you aren't in-game while you reset your achievements. Source:… – Ayelis Jan 14 at 15:47
Not just "supposedly", you are guaranteed you won't get VAC'd. Valve's Anti-cheat will not do anything whatsoever unless you're connected to a VAC-secure server. If you open SAM without TF2 open, you can do anything you want in SAM without any repercussion from Valve. – Gigazelle Jan 15 at 18:13

Try: Launch TF2, click "items", select the stats tab, and then select "reset stats" to the bottom right. Your loadouts will be reset however, and you'll have to re-add the items onto your classes. (Source)

Alternately, send Valve a support ticket asking to have your achievements for TF2 reset, but expect to wait a week or so. (Source)

Note: Achieving previously achieved achievements again will not result in you getting the achievement items. (Source)

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I've done this and it olny reset my stats. Not loadouts, not acheivemtents. :( – Minebomber Jan 15 at 2:21

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