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Several bosses have different color circles around them. On one loading screen it said that the orange causes fire damage to you, and I've fought a few things with a blue-ish one that drained my focus, but I've seen others that I can't figure out. What do they all do?

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As bwarner's comment is not on your question - just noting that there's a suggestion for screenshots to clarify what you mean by auras. – Grace Note Jun 24 '11 at 16:05
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There are five auras:

  • Green: Healing Aura
  • Orange: Flame Aura (fire-based periodic damage)
  • Purple: Drain Focus aura
  • Red: Speed aura
  • White: Toughness aura (increases enemy's armor)

Note these colors roughly apply to your characters' abilities too. For example, the badges for Anjali's fire talents and abilities are orange-tinted, and many of the healing abilities are green-tinted. I guess you can consider it to be Dungeon Siege III's version of an elemental system.

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