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I can't seem to get enough wood.

After some recent expansions to some of my settlements, I find myself running pretty low on wood these days. I've been salvaging as much raw material as possible and have even taken to buying any junk that includes wood, but it takes a heck of a lot of brooms to make even one room in a settlement.

What I am not short on at the moment is caps. So, is there a merchant somewhere who will give me a bunch of wood? (For caps, of course. I'm not above paying for it.)

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Run out of wood? What? I have to wonder what your settlements look like. I don't think I've ever been short on wood for anything in any settlement at any point. – DCShannon Jan 22 at 20:46
I'll have to take some screenshots, but I've walled in Sanctuary, Starlight, Greentop Nursery, and the Castle. Oh, and I've built some buildings in Starlight including a penthouse in the sky as a vanity project. Suffice it to say, I've spent a lot of raw materials. :) – RESPAWN Jan 23 at 19:19
I've mostly been using pre-fab buildings to warehouse my settlers beds. Over the weekend I made some building piece by piece, and found I actually managed to run out of wood. That was mostly because I had barely scrapped anything, but I was definitely surprised how fast that burned through my supply. – DCShannon Jan 25 at 19:35
So, I'm pretty sure the pre-fab buildings are a little leaner on the materials cost than building things panel by panel. But it's much more fun to build your own buildings. And by walling in some of my settlements and placing turrets at strategic places along the wall, I've managed to keep most of my settlements fairly well defended. – RESPAWN Jan 25 at 21:15
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Yes, there are 3 vendors that will sell shipments of wood.

  • Connie Abernathy, Abernathy Farm (50 units)
  • Supervisor Greene, Graygarden (50 units)
  • Moe Cronin, Diamond City (100 units)

Besides that, the best way to get wood is by scrapping all trees, wood piles, stumps, and fences in settlements. Larger trees typically scrap for 20-30 units of wood apiece.

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Small groups of trees (which are a single game object) are generally scrap-able for more than single large trees. Don't neglect those – Oxinabox Jan 23 at 10:45

Moe in Diamond city has wood shipments for sale.

enter image description here

There is also a list here of things that can be scrapped for some wood

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Gave you an up-vote too for the list of items that can be scrapped. Not really useful for me since I'm basically the wasteland trash collector, but it may be useful for others with the same problem. – RESPAWN Jan 22 at 16:11

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