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In Minecraft, there are blocks that work as a light sources, and some blocks emit more light than others.

What's the biggest source of light in minecraft?

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The obvious answer is 'The Sun' however I don't think this is what you're looking for ;) – djsmiley2k Jan 31 at 19:51
Correct, the sun is not a block :) – Kevin van der Velden Jan 31 at 19:52
@djsmiley2k Exactly, that wasn't what I was searching! But thanks! – spund3 Jan 31 at 20:01
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From the minecraft wiki page on light:

There are 16 light levels, which are specified by an integer from 0 (the minimum) to 15 (the maximum). The game uses the light level of a block to compute the brightness of a given block.

Then from the light emitting blocks part of the page:

With level 15

  1. Beacon
  2. End portal block
  3. Fire
  4. Glowstone
  5. Jack o lantern
  6. Lava
  7. Red stone lamp
  8. Sea lantern

The other sources of light are below 15 so the blocks above are the best sources of light.

For comparison a torch is level 14, and a red-stone torch 7.

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Ow, thanks! That was useful! – spund3 Jan 31 at 20:00

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