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I just got Dungeon Hunter 2 on my Iphone 3G and I have a Mage: Shadowmancer level 22.

I usually play offline when I'm not home and I just noticed that if I play offline and "win" some Achievements, when I go online they are not updating. Does anyone know if they will ever update?

For example, I got the 10,000 Gold Achievement while offline, and now I have around 22,000 but still not "won" in Game Live section.

So how this thing works?


PS: Sorry, I can't add the dungeon-hunter-2 tag, I don't have enough reputation so everyone who can please add it.

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@CruelCow: Thanks for the tag! – Vlad.P Jul 1 '11 at 10:03
No problem, you're welcome. – CruelCow Jul 1 '11 at 10:06
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So, it seems that they updated I don't know when but they did. You just have to be patient (3-4 days in my case).

Problem solved!

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