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Cartoon Wars looks great after the update and I am wondering how to clear Level 29. Are there any cheats for Cartoon Wars on iPhone/iPod? Where can I find more info on that game?

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This question is kind of...vague. Are you looking for a strategy guide, a solution to level 29, the existence of cheats, or general gameplay tips? –  Ullallulloo Jul 2 '11 at 0:24

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I had that problem too,I couldn't beat level 29. So I upgraded my ninjas to level 11, my gunners to level 8 and cannons to level 5. To win, just keep using the super ninjas. To earn cash, beat the previous level over and over again.

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i searched for a strategy guide, but couldn't find one. the closest i got to it was a website. (www.appsmenow.com/walkthrough/769-Cartoon_Wars) I reached level 50 and then got bored. my strategy was to not upgrade any units, but focus on upgrading castle and defenses. My first upgrades were gold and mana. after that were turret damage and firing speed. i tried to kill as many as i could with my turret. the ones that got past, i built soldiers to slow them down while i moved the turret down.

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