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I've done some mine delving and I've amassed a selection of equipment that's frankly useless to me; some outdated weapons, shoes, and rings. While I know that I could dispose of them with the inventory trash, I would prefer to sell them. However, I can't put them in the shipping box.

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You can sell equipment to shops, such as Pierre's. – Sean Mar 7 at 15:53
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It is possible to sell your unwanted equipment to the General Store (Pierre's) or any other NPC shop such as the Adventurer's Guild.

This page on the Wiki also gives you a buy/sell price for each weapon/type you want to sell.

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The Adventurer's Guild will buy the equipment but Pierre's will not. – Yuuki Mar 7 at 20:10
Is it possible to sell these useless slingshots? The adventurer's guild does not buy them. – BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Mar 10 at 2:48
I haven't found anyone that will purchase it from me. So I scrapped the first one and kept the Master one in a chest. – Sean Mar 11 at 13:14

Pierre's Shop and the Adventurer's Guild will take your equipment

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