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From playing the game, I've noticed that I can put food and other crops inside of a chest or my inventory. From what I've seen, it doesn't look like they perish, but I'm not certain if they do and I haven't met the conditions. Has anyone noticed if food rots, especially across seasons?

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There is currently (as of March 7, 2016) no rotting or expiration mechanic.

I have a chest full of foraged goods and crops (salmonberries, a few fruits, etc.). I'm currently at Fall and the salmonberries that I harvested in late Spring are still fine.

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I am in year 3 and no rotting whatsoever has taken place. – peacedog Mar 8 at 0:18

Food might rot outside. I left the Jack o Lantern after Halloween and it was mush the next day. But I think the storage container is meant for just that.

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