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The minecarts are all broken. Seems like they are pretty useful for fast traveling between some places around the city, farm and mines.

How do I make these work?

enter image description here

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Once you complete the Boiler Room bundle, the minecarts will be repaired and you'll have access to fast-travel between the Bus Stop, Mines, Town, and Quarry (once that's unlocked).

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Complete the Boiler Room bundles at the community centre. The boiler room itself is unlocked by completing two bundles from a previous set- the pantry or craft room bundles are the easiest for this.

Alternatively, if you have a Joja Corp membership, pay 15000g at JojaMart using the Community Development Form.

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Complete the bundle in the boiler room at the community centre, and the little guys will fix the carts after you go to sleep.

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