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I just got a new slingshot. It's not very effective against monsters but it's fun to take potshots at Shane when I see him.

Hitting Shane makes the grumpy speech bubble appear above his head. Does that mean I lose friendship with people if I shoot them?

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If your aiming is non lethal: likely! – Zaibis Mar 11 at 10:08
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Yes, you'll lose some friendship, but not a lot.

Each heart level is 250 friendship points.

Shooting someone takes away 30 friendship points, or 12% of a heart level.

(Source: Snooping in the source code with a decompiler)

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Yes, hitting people with rocks will, not surprisingly, make them dislike you.

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Does this also apply to tool like axes and pickaxes and hoes? – Reafexus Mar 10 at 17:11
@Reafexus That should be its own question. Feel free to make a new question. – Pharap Mar 10 at 22:14
You claim this is not surprising. Do you have a source? – acbabis Mar 10 at 22:59
@acbabis Empirical observation. – Crashworks Mar 11 at 4:33
I would claim this is only true if the person in question knows who actually threw the rock.. – mathreadler Mar 11 at 13:30

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