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Now you can see what the upgrade will be once you have collected all cards of that type you need in order to buy the upgrade. Is there an in-game way to see what the upgrade will be, so you can choose which type of cards to request / keep?

I know you can check the Clash Royale Wikia, but in-game would save browsing, searching and checking your current level.

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Yes you can. It's qutie simple actually: An upgrade adds +10% to the stats.

For troops:
+10% Hit-points
+10% Damage
+10% Damage per Second 

For Buildings its:
+10% Hit-points
+1 Troop level/ +10% Damage

For Spells its:
+10% Damage
(for freeze +0.3s duration) 
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This rule applied for the cards I've checked on Wikia. Thanks! – Jasper de Vries Mar 16 at 11:36
Spells upgrade with fixed amounts of seconds each upgrade. In case of freeze 0.3 seconds for each upgrade. – Jasper de Vries Mar 16 at 13:59

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