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I played the whole game once before, and figured it out, but for the life of me I can't do it now.

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First thought upon reading the title: You're only just playing this game now? – immibis Mar 18 at 9:44
No, i played it through once before, and did everything except for get the ice arrow, killed ganon multiple times easily, but i couldn't remember how to get king zora to move. – Parzival Mar 18 at 10:19
I only got around to playing it a year or so ago on 3DS. DON'T JUDGE ME! ::sob:: – gWaldo Mar 19 at 2:17
@immibis Some of us have never played it in any form. =p – jpmc26 Mar 19 at 5:41
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Show him Ruto's letter. It's in Lake Hylia (in a bottle) near the shortcut to Zora's domain.

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Oh, I remember now, thank you. – Parzival Mar 18 at 1:15
mweep... mweep... mweep... mweep... – Needpoule Mar 18 at 9:09
@Needpoule created an account just to show my appreciation for that comment – Señor O Mar 18 at 19:37
Oh my god, i just got that now. at first i though Needpoule was just being annoying, but i get it now. :P – Parzival Mar 18 at 19:58

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