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I was wondering if unenchanted armor reduces the amount of fall damage you take. I know that if you wear Feather Falling or Protection your fall damage is reduced. However, does wearing diamond armor with no enchants help prevent fall damage?

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Unenchanted armor cannot reduce fall damage. I tested this out with an experiment:

First I jumped of an 11 block high tower with no armor:

As seen in the picture 4 hearts of damage was taken. enter image description here

I then jumper from the same tower with full leather armor: enter image description here

The same amount of damage was taken with full leather armor. I then tested it with a protection 2 enchanted helmet on instead, and the result was:

enter image description here

Half a heart of damage was reduced only if the armor was enchanted.

I tested this with iron armor also and the results were the same!

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No, unechanted armour doesn't reduce fall damage. It reduces only:

  • Melee Damage
  • Missile Damage
  • Blast Damage
  • Fire Damage

…but no Fall Damage. So, only enchanted armour reduces your Fall Damage.

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