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Does anyone know if a soundtrack exists (official or unoffical) for No More Heroes 2?

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An official sound track does exist for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. It can be bought here from the Japanese publisher Grasshopper Manufacture, though unfortunately it looks like they are out of stock (there were allegedly only 1000 copies pressed). After a somewhat thorough search of the intarwebs I was unable to locate any other retailers selling this soundtrack.

However, there are a number of third party rips available through direct download and torrenting. But as the legality of this varies from country to country and I'd rather not accidently link to a virus, you'll need to find these on your own.

In addition to the "official" soundtrack, a CD was included in the Hoppers Edition of No More Heroes 2. However, it's only 9 tracks, compared to the 123 on the three-disc official release.

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