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For some reasons I cannot access to Steam overlay and other Steam features (F12->screenshot) while playing Dungeons of Dredmor. Do you know how to fix it?

Just to be precise the in-game option in the Steam game properties is enabled.

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They carefully say in the description of the Steam overlay "In most games" - maybe it just doesn't support it? – Margaret Jul 13 '11 at 23:05
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As written here by developers is a known bug.

Steam Overlay: Looking in to this one. It’d be quite ideal to get this working.

Update: It will be fixed in next patch.

Yes! Steam overlay now confirmed to be working with the latest patch. (tweet)

When the patch 1.0.3 will be live add -opengl to Steam launch parameters to enable Steam overlay (experimental)

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In the first post on this page says specifically that it crashes in fullscreen. Have you tried pressing shift-tab when you were not in fullscreen?

This would only be a temporary solution, but it has been reported here on the developer's support site as a bug, so it may be fixed in the future.

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