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I just started playing Bad Company 2 this weekend, and I earned the motion sensor for the recon class. I can't figure out for the life of me how to use it or equip it? Is there some control on pc to use these unlocked items?

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As the others have explained, most unlocked items/weapons have to be chosen at the loadout screen.

However the motion sensor will always be equipped once you've unlocked them (and respawned once). You can switch to them with the mousewheel or by pressing 4.

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There's at least 1 item for each class that will automatically equip. Assault-ammo hub, Medic-Medic hub and defib, Engineer-Repair tool and as said above motion mines for Snipers. – Craig Pilgrim Jul 14 '11 at 12:00

You should be able to pick equipment at the class-select screen when you're waiting to spawn, there might be an arrow next to the class name you have to click for the weapon list to expand.

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Once you unlock items or weapons, you have to wait till respawn to change your loadout. Just highlight the class you want and a menu will pop out (you may need to move the mouse or joystick, I can't recall exactly) and you can pick from the unlocked stuff.

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