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Sandbox type games tend to present you with a pristine landscape, allowing you to make up the story as you goes along (cf. Minecraft, Sim City [?], etc.).

At first glance, the same should apply to Terraria, however:

  • The dungeon could hardly be considered a "natural geographical feature".

  • The Underworld is full of ruined buildings.

  • The floating islands are clearly flying ships that have been fossilized, or something similar.

Is there any known Lore or back-story that explains any of these moderately strange phenomena?

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At this point, the only real lore is that the world is suffering from Corruption/Crimson, an ailment that The Dryad would dearly like cleansed. She implores you to do so often, when you talk to her.

Aside from that, there is little yet developed about the world, though that hasn't stopped fans from filling in the gaps on their own!

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Also note that on the bottom of every chasm in corruption there is shadow orb. So one can make assumption that shadow orbs came from cosmos and when it was falling through earth, it made chasms. Also it corrupt ground near it. Horizontal tunnel connecting chasm (v1.0.5+ of game) appeared when Eaters of Worlds digged though earth blocks :-) and sometimes "eat" them. Of course you won't see such ideas from developers or in original description of game :-) But I think it could be probable prehistory. – George Gaál Jul 17 '11 at 11:50

At the beginning of starting a world, you and a Guide are in the middle of an island. One of the things he says to you is something about himself being someone who will hell you in your journey. This means he and you probably met up somewhere sometime ago, and now stuck on the island. You also find structures such as, the Dungeon, the desert Pyramids, the Broken Houses in Hell, and the Jungle Temple. This means human life has been here before. Along the way you can find different NPCs, some of whom being bound, as if captive. There is also corrupted areas of the island, as if those areas are infected or decayed. I have come to a conclusion that a world in Terraria used to have a living civilization, but tore down after war, or battle with someone or something, and the NPCs are fugitives, or runaways, or survivors. The player is the visitor to come to this island, and is stuck here for unknown circumstances. If you still don't believe me war theory, look at all the chests hidden around the world, containing weapons and accessories for survival, and all 3 mechanical bosses, The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime, fighting machines built to destroy and kill. I hope this all helped

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All of these are speculation though, and at no point does any of the NPCs. monsters, or text in the game give you any of this information – Private Pansy May 17 '15 at 15:09

The twins accutaly hate eachother because they have been attached to eachother their whole lives because they were criminals. there is a way to detatch them if you make retanizer and spazmatizm far enough away retanizer will leave making it so you only have to beat spazmatizm

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This is nothing but a fan theory, with no backup whatsoever. – DanmakuGrazer Jul 8 at 16:27

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