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As described in wiki, the primary stats have an influence on the secondary stats.

But how do they scale? For 1 point gained on a primary stat, how many points do I gain in linked secondary stats?

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The wiki has now been updated to show the interaction between Primary and Secondary stats, and based on the testing by users in the official forum the currently expected values are:


  • +1 HP per level
  • +1 Melee Power every three levels (with a 5 level deduction).


  • +2 MP per level
  • +1 Magic Power every two levels.


  • +1 Dodge Chance every two levels
  • +1 Sneakiness every two levels.


  • +1 HP per level
  • +1 Critical Chance every two levels
  • +1 Haywire Chance every two levels
  • +1 Sneakiness every three levels.


  • +1 Counter Chance every two levels
  • +1 Sneakiness every two levels.


  • +1 Block Change every three levels
  • +1 Magic Resistance every two levels.
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