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I have clocked up over 140 hours in MAG and rarely get less than a 3-1 kill/death ratio. Despite this, I have only ever got third Most Valuable Player on one occasion. Can someone give me some pointers on how to top the MVP.

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MVP is awarded to the player with the most experience (before the bonus XP that is rewarded at the end) in the game. Some ways to boost your XP include:

  • Reviving your teammates often (+10 per revive)
  • Become a veteran (+10% XP per game)
  • Deploy through directives (+10% XP per game)
  • Destroy vehicles
  • Stay in FRAGO areas as often as possible
  • Blow up items that are fragged
  • Repair when you can
  • Be the SL/PL
  • And of course, netting kills
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