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What is it that Professor Oak studies about Pokemon in the original US release? Is he just collecting names, or is there more to it?

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According to:

He used to be a trainer, but then retired into researching pokémon. His lab is used to research Pokémon, unravel the mysteries of these creatures, and study their characteristics and behavior in a natural environment.

Pretty much to understand the varieties out there. Kinda like a scientist that only studies whales.

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As a side note, almost none of this has any bearing on the actual game, with the exception of Oak being a premise for the Pokedex. Is that correct? – Moshe Jul 20 '11 at 0:04
If I recall correctly, he eventually ends up giving you the pokédex to help him categorize all the pokémon you come across. You could argue that he does play a plot role in the game because you keep going back to him for information and he gives you some as well. So he has a "plot" role in the game, but as far as gameplay itself, no. – Sorean Jul 20 '11 at 0:38
@Moshe He gives you the main quest, that you pretty much instantly ignore to go beat up the elite four and might resume some day when you pwnd all other trainers in the world and you're bored. – Kevin Apr 13 at 11:52

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