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In Grand Prix Story, I've just won the first Grand Prix. When I entered the championship, the game told me about how having multiple groups can really help (also every time you research/upgrade something, you have to select the group that should perform the work).

But when I attempt to hire new drivers/mechanics, the secretary complains about there being no room and that I had to fire people.

How do I create a second group of driver+mechanics in Grand Prix Story?

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Figured it out:

About three weeks after winning the first Grand Prix, a bear (yes, a bear) will come by your garage and offer to renovate it, not just expanding your "mechanic-capacity" to 4 but also giving you a second group.

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the magical mystery bear of garage renovation. i'll need to keep an eye out for that in real life. – Xantec Jul 21 '11 at 22:14

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