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Momodora II is a 2D-platformer metroidvania-style game. According to TIGSource, it was inspired by Cave Story. And I'm having trouble with the last boss fight.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

I'm now at the final room (at least I think it is the final one, it is the one with red stairs and a red chair) and I meet the boss woman (the one with little horns). I can defeat her shadow form, but I don't know how to defeat her second form. All my attacks don't seem to cause any damage to her.

Any hints on how to defeat this boss?

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You have to play tennis with her when she shoots a big light ball at you - hit it back at her. Expect the pace to become more tense with each beat. A total of 3 rounds and you see the ending!

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Thanks! It feels like a game design mistake to introduce this new mechanic at the very end, right when we are struggling to survive, with low health, and after attacking the boss continuously for a few minutes. If at least any other enemy or minor boss had to be defeated this way, it wouldn't feel wrong and I wouldn't have been stuck. – Denilson Sá Aug 13 '11 at 7:11

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