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Yesterday, I learned of the fishing minigame in Chantelise. However, I'm fighting the last boss already and haven't heard anything about fishing yet. Googling this, I determined that I need to get the fishing rod item to be able to fish...however, it's not mentioned anywhere how to obtain this fishing rod.

Where do I find the fishing rod?

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You get your first Fishing Rod by returning to the Plains stage at any point after Chapter 3 ends. In her Chapter 4 dialogue, Aira will mention, if you talk to her, that there is a fisherman that has been at the Plains.

You'll need to either play through the tutorial in full, or do a time trial of the 3rd section. Either way, right to your left you'll see a fisherman!


Talk to him and he'll eventually give you the Teacher's Pole. If you talk to him a few more times, he'll also teach you how to engage in proper man-to-fish combat.

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