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I'm asking because basically I want to know which language I should pick with German being my mother language while I prefer original language versions, but that's probably too subjective...

Since egosoft is a German developer, I wonder if X3TC was developed for German or English play originally?

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It looks like it was originally released in English, according to this post on their forums:

The English language version of X³: Terran Conflict will be available from retail outlets on October 10th, and you can pre-order from the Egosoft Online Shop NOW. X³: Terran Conflict will also be available for pre-load from Steam starting one week before release.

However, comments on another post suggest that perhaps both languages were available at launch:

Yes, during the installing process, your computer ask you, what languages you would like to install

and this post seems to support that theory:

Wenn die deutsche Sprachdateien installiert wurden, kannst du die Spiel-Sprache, wie im FAQ-Artikel Ich habe mehrere Sprachen installiert. Wie ändere ich sie? beschrieben, auf Deutsch umstellen.
(roughly: If the German language files are installed, you can switch the language in the game to German, as described in the FAQ article "I have multiple languages ​​installed. How do I change it?")

Note that neither post specifically says German was available at launch, but I was not able to find evidence that the German-language version was released later.

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thanks, for the time being I'll accept this as answer and play in English – Zommuter Aug 1 '11 at 20:22

As a german player, I rather play in german, since the voice overs all have a german accent. So yes, the "original language" of the game is german.

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