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I'm currently trying to obtain the best equipment possible in preparation for the final boss and the survival dungeon. However, in order to do so, I need to take on a challenge of a...decidedly different nature from anything else in the game. I need to spend my time fishing.

Unfortunately, it seems that I don't exactly have the patience for it; there are so many different fish and so many different possible locations to fish for them that I end up feeling exhausted when I look at the amount of fish required to earn each reward. I don't want to go fishing for hours trying to find one particular type of fish only to discover that it's not even in the water pools that I've been trying.

So, to help me get done with this as quickly as possible: where can I catch each type of fish? In what sort of water or lava are they found? Are there any fish that can only be caught in one particular stage/location?

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