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There was a nice WWI flight game from Cinemaware on the Amiga called Wings. Between the sections of the game was a diary which was actually quite a good read. I never played the game to the end and didn't get a chance to read the full diary. I wonder if the diary can be found on the internet somewhere as I want to finish it (20 years later...)?

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Just getting nostalgic here... damn that was a great game, I'm not sure if I ever finished it either, but do recall playing it a lot. – Holger Sep 16 '11 at 13:04
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The site Recorded Amiga Games has a long play of Wings here: AMIGA LONGPLAY #378 - WINGS.

It should contain all the diary entries. But you have to pause it to read them. You may also want to skip ahead a little in the video since it's over 9 hours long.

You can either download it from the site or watch in on YouTube here.

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Nine hour long video!? Seems like I'll be needing a lot of popcorn to go through that... I'm accepting this answer until something better comes up. Thanks. – darius Aug 7 '11 at 11:05

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