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How can we have the half wooden door in Minecraft? I've tried with the data value ID and nothing's working? Could Notch have removed it from the game?

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After update 1.7_01, doors would make purple particle effects when hit with any tool, hand, item, or block. This was fixed in 1.7.3.

Minecraft Wiki - Doors

I believe as part of the door duplication and door bug problems, the lower half bug has been fixed...

1.7.3: Corrected a block duplication bug when using pistons.

1.7.3: Doors no longer create purple particles.

1.7.1: The door duplication bug is back again, this time happening when a piston pushes on the lower half of a door. If it is a normal piston that does it, then the piston can be destroyed and the bottom half of the door works like a normal door.

Minecraft Wiki - Version history

In 1.7.3, the door duplication bug with Pistons is most likely to have been fixed.

Thus, the ability for the lower half door to be able to exist alone in the world could be gone...

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There used to be a bug that resulted in doors being incorrectly destroyed, and leaving half a door remaining. I believe this has been fixed, as per Tom Wijsman's answer. However, if you would like to make half-doors, gates etc., consider the Multi-use Doors Mod, which adds this functionality to the game, as well as other door-related happiness and excitement:

Half Door Mod

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What you're looking for is basically a fence gate. Craft one with two planks vertically stacked and two sticks on each side.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Yeah now it's a fence gate but when the question was asked it was a half door not a fence gate! – Warface Feb 6 '12 at 0:23
@Warface well now's now! People having this question now don't care about the original timestamp... – badp Feb 6 '12 at 0:49
This isn't what he meant. He meant about the door that's 2 blocks high and he wants to know how to get one block of it. – Jim Jones Dec 19 '15 at 5:42
I don't know if I'm sure, but... This question is too old, no? When Minecraft was in the beta version this question appeared. – spund3 Jan 17 at 23:22

You can type /give [username] 64:1

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YES YOU CAN! Place your door in minecraft then save and exit the game. Go into MC Edit and replace the top half of the door with air, Save and exit. Reload your world and there you go. a working half door.

Just be sure not to place anything where the top half of the door should be, as the door will simply pop off the wall.

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