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Once you've unlocked all eight warriors in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, you have their second-level powers available to you during Quickplay+ mode, and you can use any two powers when playing a song (but only for the specific challenge that permits it).

Which two powers produce the most stars for a given song? If it depends on the song, the skill level of the player, the instrument, or any combination, that's good to know, and if there's one pair that trumps all the rest, I'd like to know that as well.

Powers available:

  • Axel, Resurrector+ (5 ankhs to resurrect you, unused ankhs become bonus stars)
  • Casey, Streak Guardian+ (2 shields guard your streak, long streaks earn bonus stars)
  • Judy, Crowd Hyper+ (Rock Meter starts maxed, overflow meter to earn bonus stars)
  • Johnny, Speed Freak+ (2x minimum multiplier that rises quickly, stay over 3x to earn bonus stars)
  • Lars, Multiplier Extender+ (max multiplier is 6x)
  • Pandora, Star Power Nova+ (Star Power multiplier is 6x)
  • Echo, Star Power Generator+ (get 10% Star Power for every 10-note streak)
  • Austin, Star Power Amplifier+ (Star Power earned from phrases is 4x normal amount)
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Hey man. This is a good question, wondered about this for quite some time. Had to experiment rather extensively to get the best combo. Please mark my answer as correct, or comment if/how it is wrong. Thanks* – HowlinWulf Nov 24 '13 at 1:47
Sorry for the delay. I was wondering what other answers we would get, although I could have moved the accepted check to a better one if it showed up (obvs none did). – Dave DuPlantis Nov 29 '13 at 18:15
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I have played this game far too long and far too much, and I still enjoy it.

That being said, I have experimented quite a lot with these powers. Basically, this will depend on the length and difficulty of the song, as well as the amount of notes and whether or not you can/will streak on it.

There is no pair that trumps the rest, but below are some guide lines:

  • If the song is short, I would suggest using Axel, Resurrector+, since it grants them regardless of length.
  • If the song is long, and you can streak, it could be useful to use Lars, Multiplier Extender+
  • If the song is long and contains lots of notes that are streak-able, use Echo, Star Power Generator+

The above STRONGLY applies to guitar. Also, always remember that the higher the skill level, the more the notes, the bigger the score! Although, this only works that way IF THE PLAYER CAN PLAY that skill level. Rather get 90% and above on Hard than getting less than 60% on Expert - Streaking is important!

My personal bests are done with 'Pandora, Star Power Nova+ (Star Power multiplier is 6x)' and 'Echo, Star Power Generator+ (get 10% Star Power for every 10-note streak)' on expert, since I streak a lot on expert, which gives a lot of notestreaks (which gives a lot of Star Power), which allows me to keep my Star Power active through almost the whole song, meaning I get a constant multiplier of 24x (4x6)!!

Using Echo and Pandora, I cannot remember ever getting less than 14 stars ever.

Hope this helps*

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