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In Black and White, I've always heard that graveyards are necessary so villagers don't waste too much time mourning the dead. Advice I've newly read suggests, however, that building a graveyard is a waste of time and the old, the dead, even children can be sacrificed with great benefit.

I've always thought that it hurt my society to sacrifice villagers, and settled for giving food instead. If I consistently sacrifice the weak and dead, however, can I save resources and do without a graveyard as well? Or, will my villagers still notice and mourn?

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Villagers mourn only when there are skeletal remains left. Since sacrificing old villagers won't leave any they won't mourn, but it makes you more evil.

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so does picking up the remains, although I think it's slightly less evil... – Zommuter Apr 19 '12 at 8:16

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