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My city in Dragons of Atlantis has steadily been growing and I now have a population of 12000.

enter image description here

But because I don't have a huge army yet and my resource buildings only provide labor to about 3000 of them, I have about an idle population of 9000.

Now I'm wondering, does creating more jobs (thus reducing the unemployment) help raise my hourly gold income rate or is this just based on the raw population?

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+1 Great title! – fredley Aug 17 '11 at 18:42
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My gold's hourly rate went up from 2448 to 2526 when I upgraded one of my Homes, which increased my population with ~500.

enter image description here

Creating 100 more jobs on the other hand had no effect on my income. So its clear:

No. You just need the people in your city to pay taxes.

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If you wish to increase your gold production, you need to raise your taxes to just under 50% of your total available percentage. So, if you have 102%, ~50/51% taxes and 51/52% happiness is maximum output of gold, and stable level of happiness. As you upgrade your theater, you will be able to increase your taxes always rounding down from 50% of total.. So, at one point, iirc, you have 115% total to divide, and maximum profit/stability is a 57% tax & 58% happy..

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