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It looks like there are no less than three different cover arts and two different disc arts for the game Painkiller Resurrection.

I figured that it is probably just a regional thing (eg North America release, UK release), so I tried looking up some information on what the differences are, but the closest that I could find was that one of them may be an Australian release (from a non-authoritative source).

Can anyone enlighten me as to the disparate cover- and disc-arts?

North American release?

enter image description here

European release?

enter image description here

Australian release?

enter image description here

European disc?

enter image description here

Australian disc?

enter image description here

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Then I’m even more confused because that’s the one that is listed as the Australian release. Hmmm… – Synetech Aug 21 '11 at 15:56
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Going by the different rating systems it appears that:

  • These covers are rated by ESRB and so are from North America or Canada.

enter image description here

Also the RP (Rating Pending) on the above cover means it hasn't been given a rating yet and will be from before the game was released, so could well be promotional box art that was never used on retail boxes

enter image description here

  • This cover is rated by PEGI and so must be European. This particular cover is from the German release (thanks Michael Madsen) but is also used in the UK, as well as other countries I imagine.

enter image description here

  • Also this appears to be the Australian cover:

enter image description here

  • And this one I believe is from the Polish release:

enter image description here

And as for the discs, the first one is a custom cover, which looks to be just a cd shaped cutout of the second cover, and the second looks like its from the Polish release, but could also be from the other European one too

Hope this helps

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The third cover is likely German, due to the USK rating. It's worth nothing that some games rated 18+ by the USK are partially censored in Germany (e.g. GTA3). Details are on the Wikipedia page. I don't know if this game is altered for Germany, but it might be. – Michael Madsen Aug 22 '11 at 20:03
Brilliant answers. Very informative and helpful for future references as well. Thank you to both of you! – Synetech Aug 23 '11 at 0:38

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