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I play on a minecraft server. The admin likes a plugin that uses /sp. I aksed him to install world edit, so he did. He then uninstalled it when he realised that it overwrote /sp. So I'm looking for a good alternative to world-edit.

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Can't you change World Edit so it doesn't use /sp? :) – badp Aug 23 '11 at 12:39
I wasn't even aware of an /sp command in WorldEdit. At any rate, @badp is correct, you can manually change the command syntax of most plugins. – GnomeSlice Aug 23 '11 at 21:30
@badp yes, since the source code is available that should be possible – Zommuter Aug 25 '11 at 14:00
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Well, as it turns out, /sp is just an alias for /superpickaxe. You could easily change this to anything else. Just open the WorldEdit.jar with any ZIP unarchiver and edit the plugin.yml file that's inside. It's a large file, so just do a Ctrl-F and search for 'superpickaxe' to find what you're looking for. It should look like this:

    description: Select super pickaxe mode
    usage: /<command> 
    aliases: ['pickaxe', 'sp']

See the line that says aliases: ['pickaxe', 'sp']? Just remove the 'sp' and replace it with whatever you want. That should fix the issues. Then just rearchive the JAR and run the server.

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The only thing I can see is this plugin


They have some commands to edit the world but it's not as good as World Edit and nothing will replace that. So after some search: no, there's no alternative for WorldEdit.

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There is a plugin called buildr which is not quite as complex as worldedit, but quite easy to use. However it overwrites the /give command, slightly modifying the syntax which may not be desireable.

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Since the source code of WorldEdit is available, you could modify that command and recompile it by yourself, or hope your admin would do this for you.

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