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So, I'm pretty sure when I started playing DX:HR, the display for my "hotbar," or 1-0 keys, was constantly around as long as I wasn't at Sarif Industries. Yet now, later in the game, I'm noticing that it fades out after a few seconds wherever I am, and only re-displays when I change items.

I have a terrible memory. I can't remember which item is tied to which number key. How do I get this thing to stick around and stop disappearing? Couldn't find anything that seemed to fit in the options menu, so I'm assuming it's a keyboard shortcut I accidentally hit...

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I accidentally discovered that you can make the "hotbar" (yeah, I don't know the official name either) toggle between fixed and fade-out mode by pressing the ` key (the one next to 1 used to toggle the console in most games).

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