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Madden 12 has a button to be used when rushing that makes the player tuck the ball to prevent fumbles. The game does a good job of mentioning the button's existence, but just says to press it before being tackled.

I'm unclear on whether that means I press the button and hold it, or pressing it once makes them tuck it for the rest of the run. Hitting it right when I get tackled seems awkward, since at the same time I'm also trying to press the stiff arm button to break the tackle.

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You have to hold the button, and you can't stiff arm someone and protect the ball at the same time. You have to pick, attempt to break the tackle, or play it safe, take the tackle and not risk a turnover.

I generally don't use it because fumbles are a lot rarer than successful stiff arms.

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This seems to be what I've noticed too. Thanks for the info! – Dave McClelland Sep 4 '11 at 3:48

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