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In MI1, you can sink the boat where the three useless pirates are hanging out. I haven't seen this effect the gameplay in any way (I kept expecting to find them on the island somewhere). Then, in the end credits, I see what happened to these pirates, implying that I had to sink the boat in order to finish the game.

Where would I be stuck if I hadn't sunk the boat?

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What happened to the pirates? I don't seem to recall. –  Steven Jeuris Oct 9 '12 at 22:25

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You can complete the game without sinking the boat. Should you not sink the boat, your crew will appear after LeChuck sets sail for Melee Island, and you will take your own boat back instead of Herman Toothrot's boat.

Canonically, you sink the boat. This is an important plot point early on in Escape From Monkey Island.

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