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Is it possible to mod an N64 controller to connect to a computer? I've read something about this online, and that the power ratings for the controller and USB are not the same. Is this possible? What do I need to do? Also, once connected with the proper amount of power, will I need a driver for it?

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There are at least two ways of doing this, one easy way and one hard way.

The easy way:
Buy a USB Adapter. Although these have been discontinued, there might be some similar products on Ebay (Included a Ebay link with similar products).

The hard way (Do it yourself way):
Making a PIC board, which can support it. A reasonable tutorial to doing this can be found here.

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I forgot about those adapters. I have not seen one in years. – CyberSkull Sep 4 '11 at 14:22

You can buy a USB N64 controller ($10 on ebay).

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I'd say yeah, it is possible, but very improbable. You would most likely need to program yourself an N64 to USB/FireWire/Thunderbolt bridge yourself, and then either make it compatible with the HID for gamepads or write a driver for it yourself.

TL;DR Possible, but a great deal of work involving low level hardware drivers and programming a low level chipset. Sorry to be such a pessimist about it.

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