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I have the 1.8 pre-release version and I'm wondering if I go on a server that is not yet upgraded, will it break something or will I crash ?

Does higher version compatible with older version ?

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You cannot play on a server if your client version does not match the server version*. Different versions are not compatible with each other.

I run a server that me and some friends play on. If someone tries to connect with the wrong version, the server will say that it's disconnecting them because they have a different version, and the client will simply give one of the many errors we all have come to know.

While I haven't tested the 1.8 pre-release specifically, my experience with former versions says that it will not break anything, it just won't work.

*To an extent, anyway. 1.7.2 works with 1.7.3, but larger gaps (e.g. 1.6 and 1.7) will not work.

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