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I can't decide on the team I want to go with from chapter 11 and forward.

I hate Hope and Snow so I do not want them in my party.

I love Sazh as a SYN and he's the only cool male character in the story, so I would like to include him and buy him flowers.

Which two ladies should I pick to keep him company?

And once that's decided: what roles and weapons would then be best suited for that party?


So... after some more research I think I have decided:

  • Fang as COM/SEN/RAV with Taming Pole for COM
  • Vanille as MED/SAB/RAV with Healer's Staff for MED (and possibly Belladonna Wand for SAB later on)
  • Sazh as SYN/COM/RAV probably with Spica for SYN (but suggestions are welcome)

How's that?

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Leader: Fang (anything will do, as long as it is not the stagger lock weapon)

Companion 1: Lightning (I like lifesaber)

Companion 2: Vanille/Hope (Vanille's staff for debuffing (Belladonna Wand or upgrades thereof))

If you really want to use Sazh, then I recommend you replace Lightning for him.

Paradigm: Com/rav/rav
          sab/med/sab(or syn)
          def(or com)/med/med
Consider: def/def/def
          sab/syn/syn(or sab)

You will want to change the team sometimes for missions, but that's another tale. With that team you should be able to emerge victorious (it was my setup when I killed the final boss).

Good luck ;)

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quick note, i reccomend you do use Hope, you''l thank me later ;) – Stefto Sep 15 '11 at 9:23
But Hope is dead to me! Thanks for the reply though, please check my edit :) – SaphuA Sep 15 '11 at 9:37
hmm, yea that might work out also ;) – Stefto Sep 15 '11 at 9:58

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