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My friend is running a server on Beta 1.8 and we can't get to the nether. I'm confused, since everywhere I've read says you've been able to do that since Beta 1.6. Any ideas?

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Do you have a properly lit nether gate? What happens when you try to go through it? – Keaanu Sep 17 '11 at 17:36
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Is that a vanilla server? Look into the file then set to true the properties allow-nether=true.

Is it a Bukkit server? Look into Permissions, maybe they are wrongly set up.

You can also try MultiVerse-NetherPortals if server is Bukkit.

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Well, if it's your server, then open and make sure that it says "true" after the word allow-nether. If it is not yours, then the creator probably has it "false", which disables the nether.

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