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Our clan is wanting to research the Mumble server voice chat to see if it would be viable for our needs. We have a box we can use to host a free Mumble server on, but we need to know what the max slots are. I haven't really seen a direct answer as of yet while doing my own research.

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It is my understanding that the only limits are that of the hardware and connection you use to run it on. You choose any max-es you want to allow.

I guess you could say it's unlimited, but your hardware and, more likely, your internet connection determines how many people you can have on at any one time.

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1. Determine uplink speed. 2. Divide by number of slot. 3. Set as maximum quality. – badp Aug 3 '10 at 18:41

Mumble appears to have no hard-coded limits built in. The only limits you'd probably run into are available bandwidth and network latency.

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Mumble does not have a slot limit you could not change yourself.

The number of slots of a server is set by the admin of the server by the users setting. It is not restricted by Mumble itself or the (FOSS) license.

Aside from this setting of Mumble server, the actual usability of slots may depend on:

  • Systems ulimit (Which should only start causing problems with > 8000 users - and then you can adjust your systems settings.) - (Actually, I’m not even sure this would be a problem; but I expect it to not be just with multiple vservers.)
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU usage - but you will very probably hit a bandwidth limit before hitting a CPU limit

One success story is an eve online guild using Mumble with > 1000 concurrently connected users for meetings, raids and whatnot. They have reported Mumble running perfectly fine even at peak times.

In the back of my head I remember of some issue with a vserver hoster that was reported, which had bad I/O performance. I am not sure if that was just an admin usability issue though, when managing a lot of user accounts which then lead to delayed messages or audio. An issue of bad I/O vserver hosting then though.

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