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In RAGE, is there an add-on of sorts for the sniper rifle to help with the crazy kickback when the gun is shot while fully zoomed? If so, can it be built or purchased somewhere? I noticed other add-ons for the shotgun, and the sniper rifle does get a loading mod.

I was able to luck my way through the first Job Board sniper mission in Wellspring, but am having trouble getting through the next one with the caravan.

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The only thing mentioned so far in the RAGE wiki page for the Sniper Rifle is the semi-auto upgrade. – CyberSkull Oct 8 '11 at 4:03
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I've finished the game (not at the 100% achievement level) and the only Sniper Rifle modification I've seen is the semi-auto.

The RAGE Wikia says that the only modification is the semi-auto upgrade.

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