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Does the number of farmland blocks around Melon or Pumpkin plants increase the rate of growth?

Is 1 Farmland beside the Melon or Pumpkin seed less effective in growing the crop? 1 Farmland

Or is 4 Farmland beside the Melon or Pumpkin seed more effective?

4 Farmland

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I'm going to borrow the code for Melon/Pumpkin growing from John's answer to a related question:

int i1 = random.nextInt(4);
int j1 = i;  // Assuming j1 and k1 are the horizontal axes...
int k1 = k;
if(i1 == 0)  // North
if(i1 == 1) // South
if(i1 == 2) // East
if(i1 == 3) // West
    k1++; // or somthing like that, anyway.
if(world.getBlockId(j1, j, k1) == 0 && world.getBlockId(j1, j - 1, k1) == Block.tilledField.blockID)  // Make sure the targeted block is empty and below it is farmland...
    world.setBlockWithNotify(j1, j, k1, field_35297_a.blockID); // Place a melon.

This code works by first picking a direction, then checking if it is farmland, and then placing a melon/pumpkin if it is. Therefore you will get higher yield if there are more farmland blocks around the vine, as if you only have 1 there is only a 1/4 chance of this function creating a melon/pumpkin when it is triggered.

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Protip: plant your melons/pumpkins in diagonal rows! – fredley Oct 7 '11 at 12:37
You didn't just borrow the code. Me and Raven came to this same conclusion in the comments to that answer. :) – John the Green Oct 7 '11 at 12:50
My apologies, I merely remember seeing the code a few days ago and searched for the question to acquire it. Didn't realise you'd answered the question too! – fredley Oct 7 '11 at 12:53
That's ok. I figured you were probably anxious to post an answer and may have not read all the comments. – John the Green Oct 7 '11 at 13:01

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