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When crafting equipment in Atelier Totori (North American version), there seems to be no indication of which kind of ingot or cloth (e.g. Muffcot, Silkis, Polywool) it requires; only an indication of whether I can craft it or not.

Am I missing something? Is there a button I can press to view the ingredients?

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There is no indication in the game itself.


Weapons for all characters follow the same pattern.

  • Ingot / Tinc
  • Tinc / Dry Metal / Ster Metal
  • Goldstein / Silvatite
  • Platine
  • Halmolium


There is no such regularity for the clothing, so there's no way to provide the ingredients list without spoiling all the clothing in the game. I also can't find any reference for the original, uncrafted names of each piece.

Alchemy Costume - Cloth / Muffcot
Normal Threads - Muffcot / Silkis
Traveler's Wear - Silkis / Polywool / Nylonfeather
Port Outfit - Polywool / Nylonfeather / Tanbeash
Angel Robe - Scale Cloth
Ancient Garb - Velvetis
Adventure Wear - Cloth / Muffcot
Fancy Armor - Muffcot / Silkis
Feather Chain - Silkis / Polywool / Nylonfeather
Dragon Wear - Nylonfeather / Tanbeash
Blessed Costume - Scale Cloth
Hero Mail - Velvetis
Lady Plate - Silkis / Polywool
Battle Mail - Nylonfeather / Tanbeash
Maiden Armor - Scale Cloth
Valkyrie Cloth - Velvetis
Rose Maiden - Polywool / Nylonfeather / Tanbeash
Gorgeous Dress - Scale Cloth
Saint Robe - Velvetis
Leather Coat - Muffcot / Silkis / Polywool
Dragoon Cape - Scale Cloth / Tanbeash
Full Metal Jacket - Nylonfeather / Tanbeash
Solar Cloak - Scale Cloth
Heroic Cape - Velvetis
Phantom Thief - Tanbeash / Nylonfeather
Fighter's Garb - Nylonfeather / Tanbeash
Scholar's Robe - Cloth / Muffcot
Knight's Uniform - Muffcot / Silkis / Polywool
Iron Chef Outfit - Scale Cloth / Velvetis

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