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I've noticed some of the galaxies seem to be from previous Mario games - Honeyhop (Super Mario Galaxy), Throwback (Super Mario 64) and Twisty Trials (Super Mario Sunshine) Galaxies. Are there any other galaxies that have been reused?

Specifically, please list all galaxies, and which Mario game they come from.

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I'd quite like to accept an answer, my ideal answer to this question would list the galaxies in SMG2 and where you could find the equivalent level in another Mario game. – Steve Bosman Jul 26 '10 at 7:17
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Here are the levels that are directly based on previous levels:

There are also some that are more loosely inspired by previous levels:

I'm marking this community wiki. Feel free to add to this answer!

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I Believe Stone Cyclone Galaxy is reused from Super Mario Galaxy One, though I don't know what it was called. Edit: Cyclone Stone from Beachbowl Galaxy

The Boss Blitz Galaxy as well is a mashup of boss fights from the original Galaxy as well.

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Throwback Galaxy in World 6 is from Super Mario 64.

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The Supermassive Galaxy is reminiscent of Big Island from Super Mario Bros 3

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