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The default resolution for The Whispered World is 1024x768. I can't seem to find any way to increase this. I run dual monitors, so having it at such a small resolution makes my secondary monitor nearly useless.

I navigated to \Steam\steamapps\common\whispered world\ and opened the config.ini file, however there are no options regarding the resolution in this file, the contents of which are below:

FILE = data.vis

MusicVolume = 90
SoundVolume = 95
SpeechVolume = 100

There's an executable TWWOptions.exe, however, this only allows me to choose whether I want it to run in Windowed or Fullscreen mode. Is it hidden in another file somewhere or is there simply no way to do this?

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I believe The Whispered World does not use 3D graphics - they seem to be fully hand-drawn 2D. In such case it might be there is no option for changing the resolution, as this would require graphics fitting bigger or smaller screen.

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