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Since they are in the US, I'm assuming sells the North American one? Or do they sell both? I am looking for the European version but I don't see any version in their catalog:

If there is a choice, where do I put it?

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Unless explicitly listed otherwise, the version sold on Amazon is always the one that fits the "local" territory. For, that's US, and therefore NTSC. Obviously, that doesn't matter for all systems, but it does for the Wii.

For a PAL version, you have to look at one of the European Amazon departments, such as (where, at the time of writing, the bundle is significantly cheaper than on Amazon US).

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Amazon UK probably won't despatch games across different regions - I have only tried to buy games from the US and Japanese Amazon sites to ship to the UK, but I usually see a "this is not available to despatch to your territory" type message. I know will ship UK games overseas, and probably other large international chains like HMV will as well. – tenshi_a Oct 12 '11 at 20:53

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