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In Angband, when you read a Scroll of Word Recall from a dungeon (say floor 40), reading it again from town returns you to floor 40.

Even if you go back from the first floor of the dungeon and read it again on, say, floor 10, reading it in town returns you to floor 40.

Is there any way to "reset" the recall depth to the current floor when in a dungeon instead of going back to the deepest level?

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I took a look at the source code of Angband 3.1.0beta, and if I read it correctly, when you use a Scroll of Word Recall with a dungeon level smaller than the maximum visited dungeon level, you are asked whether or not you want to "Reset recall depth?". So, the new version of Angband should have the option to do it.

Some variants — Hengband at least — also have a Scroll of Reset Recall that does just that, reset your recall depth. I think it sets it to the current dungeon level (didn't check the source code for this one, just the list of scrolls).

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You're right, it's when you recall from a different depth. – ashes999 Nov 3 '11 at 18:17

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