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I am playing Street Figter 4 on the PS3. I found that when fighting a computer opponent that is controlling a Shoryuken-enabled character, you are very likely to be on the receiving end of a Shoryuken while in mid-air.

When I fight Ryu/Ken/Seth, they punch me in the face mid-air whenever I try to jump above them. Was the AI configured to behave like this?

So what I'm wondering is if this is some sort of AI rule: When the player jumps right before you ---> Shoryuken?

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I doubt anyone can give you an answer that is not empirical. I also doubt it is that simple and would wager that there are other factors contributing to the AI's decision to Shoryuken you. – Aubergine Oct 17 '11 at 6:47
Because it works. SF's AI has done that since at least SF2 to catch players who leave themselves open like that. Beating the AI is as much about not giving it the openings it's programmed to react to as it is about hitting it. – SevenSidedDie Oct 17 '11 at 17:00

The question is, why are you trying to jump above them in the first place?

You'll find that against a good human player, they'd do exactly what the computer does, which is throw a Shoryuken at you as soon as you are jumping at them. You are inviting a free hit when you jump in like that recklessly.

The better way of jumping in is timing it so they are in the middle of an action, such as tossing out a hadouken, so they can't immediately respond with a different move. Jumping in SF4 should only be used sparingly and not without purpose.

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It seems that in games these days the AI just reads you inputs most of the time hand in turn give inhuman reactions to buttons you press... I have noticed that if you hold down back the CPU will just walk up to you and if you don't press anything they will grab but the second you touch a button they will throw out something to beat it or trade with it. In some cases it is like if the computer is on the verge of death and you have not been touched the computer will block everything you throw at them no matter how ridiculously great your execution is they will be sure to get damage before the match is over unless you play it lame and not like you are playing an actual person.

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